Staying at Home

is Now a Choice You Can Keep

At Los Angeles Home Health Care Agency, Inc. taking care and prioritizing our patient are always in the heart of our service. Together with our Health care team, we can ensure you in providing compassionate health care possible. We value each client and their caregivers as integral members, with our healthcare team, in achieving our health care goals.

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Contact Information

2741 S Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California 90034
Phone:    310-559-2290
Toll Free: 888-755-7896
Fax:         310-559-0940

Home Infusion

We provide you with admirable services, necessary treatments, and intravenous medications in the comfort of your home. We also provide nursing specialized to the patients’ home care needs which can allow family members to be involved with care. In the hospital you are limited on what you do, but in your home you will reacquire not just your independence but also your privacy.